How can SAP Hybris 6.4 help you improve your PCM capabilities?

How can SAP Hybris 6.4 help you improve your PCM capabilities?

RELEASED – Juli 2017

With version 6.4 SAP Hybris has introduced the next generation Back-office PCM. What does it offer? How do I benefit? Should I upgrade? Just some questions this new release raises.

Starting with the BETA version Summica has worked on the implementing of the new PCM for a launching customer. With the experience gained, we like to show how SAP Hybris customers can benefit from the new functionality offered by the basic modules of the platform.

What does it offer?


Picture1By selecting a product, a business user can see the data quality information at a glance. Different colours depending on the level of severity indicating what information needs to be added or adjusted. The data quality information is context and product status aware. This gives the possibility to only show missing commercial information to merchants where technical specialists only see missing technical information. If a product is expired the system can indicate to the user that enrichment is not required.

The new editor area gives a clear overview of the available product information. The information is organized tabular, where product information can be grouped per role, area or channel. The new editor options make it much easier to work with product, category and custom type relations. Many data editors are out of the box available and if they aren’t available they can be easily added.

Facet search

The new PCM provides a new search interface based on SOLR for simple and advanced search. The search provides an instant result even for catalogs with millions of products. The new PCM benefits from this enterprise search engine integration, with new features like, narrow down result lists with facets, type ahead search, search suggestions, spell check, synonyms and stop words.


The powerful search engine in combination with the extensibility of the backoffice can really simplify the enrichment process. In many cases the complex workflows and customization aren’t required anymore. Searching and displaying products based on the product status and context of the user can be a simplified replacement of complex and expensive functionality.

How do I benefit?

The simplified interface supports you in getting your products more quickly. Business users will benefit from:
• reduced time required for common enrichment tasks
• faster user interface response, especially when working with large product sets
• easily find and filter products based on status, characteristics or categories
• consolidate product related data and content, that’s easily accessible and manageable
• a single user interface for all administrative tasks

Your technical team will benefit from:
• reduced costs and time for implementing your company specific needs. Customization to improve the enrichment process and/or data quality can be realized much easier, due to the easily extendable Backoffice.
• Extended possibilities, the rich set of editors and the extensive search functionality provides the basis for new innovations.

Aldo the roadmap is not publicly enclosed, we expect that you can benefit from many new functionalities that will be added in the upcoming releases (6.5 onwards).

Should I upgrade?

The new PCM functionality provides an improved user interface, the core of the platform remained unchanged. This means that it used the same data model, relations, interfaces, validations and constrains. Therefore, for most SAP Hybris customers the upgrade to this new version will have a limited technical impact.

Before upgrading, we recommend to first perform a gap analysis of your specific solutions and evaluate some of the functionalities that are missing compared to the previous version.

Do you want to know what this new version can offer you or what is required to upgrade to this new version?